On Fall Fashion Trends and Dressing Confidently with Style Thief Fashion's Erin Stoll

Photo by  Pete Bellis  on  Unsplash

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

I met Erin Stoll of Style Thief Fashion five months ago, and the experience changed my life. Ok, maybe meeting Erin alone wasn’t life changing, though she is pretty fantastic. Erin and I met at Rachel Hollis’s RISE Conference. Going to the conference, soaking in wisdom from Rachel and the other speakers and meeting an AMAZING tribe of women who have now become REAL LIFE FRIENDS has made a huge impact on my life and this website.

Erin is hilarious, real and so freaking adorable. I knew we’d be friends from our first conversation. Thanks to the magic of social media, we talk weekly—sometimes daily—even though she lives in the Midwest. Watching Erin rock her fashion styling and wardrobe editing business (while working full time for Special Olympics and being a wife and mom) is a huge encouragement to me to keep pursuing MY dreams, despite how busy the rest of my life might be.

Today, Erin’s sharing her favorite fall trends, the five pieces you MUST have in your wardrobe at all times and how she edits women’s EXISTING WARDROBES to help them feel more confident. I know you’re gonna love Erin as much as I do by the end of this interview…

Jenn Prentice (JP): Oh hey, friend. Thanks for chatting with me. First thing is first, tell everyone about yourself.

Erin Stoll (ES): Why is this the most difficult question? I am so many things! I will narrow it down to this: I'm a wife, mama, lover of people and shoes. I live in Omaha, Nebraska and I love coffee and chocolate…probably too much! 

JP: We met in April, only a few months after you launched Style Thief Fashion. Since then, I’ve watched you and the business BLOOM. You just hosted a styling session with Evereve, and you’re headed to Omaha Fashion Week. Tell me more about Style Thief Fashion and what inspired you to start it.

ES: I have loved fashion my whole life. As a teenager, I read Vogue and tried so many trends (some good and some that were so SO bad). It took me a long time to find my style; but through trial and error, I eventually discovered it. Basically, I would see a look in a magazine and think "I have a dress like that and I could find a similar shoe and add some jewelry." I figured out how to put my own spin on the trends I saw while staying true to what worked for me. Eventually, friends started calling me and saying "Hey I'm going on a date and I don't know what to wear!" or "I want to come borrow your dress, shoes, jewelry." I loved helping them find the perfect outfit.

I had the idea to start a blog when blogging first became big, but I talked myself out of it. I thought: "Why would anyone listen to me? Other women have blogs like this. It’s already been done." You know, all the things we say to hold ourselves back. But then I turned 40, and I felt fearless! Around Christmas of 2017, I had friends at my house for a solid week, asking for my help styling them for their holiday party, holiday getaway, etc. I thought: I could do this ALL DAY. So, I decided to go for it, and I launched Style Thief Fashion in January of 2018.

JP: Where did the name come from?

ES: The name Style Thief came from the idea that I would "steal" looks I saw in magazines, on Instagram, etc. but still make them my own. With my business we are essentially taking away your old look and finding a new you. 

JP: I love that tagline because it feels easy and accessible; and I think a lot of women feel intimidated by fashion and trying to stay “on trend.” What’s your goal with Style Thief Fashion?

ES: My goal is to help women find their unique style and feel confident, no matter what. I’ve struggled with my weight and accepting my body since I was young. Growing up, I would put on outfit after outfit trying to find the perfect thing and end up in tears on my bedroom floor. I’m a lot more confident in myself now—though I definitely still have my days. I want to encourage women that no matter what their size, no matter what is going on in their life, they can feel amazing in their clothes and their bodies when they understand what works for them.

JP: How does the styling process work?

ES: It's important to me that each client I work with focuses on who she is TODAY. We start by clearing out the "clutter"--physically and energetically. I know it sounds "woo woo," but women tend to emotionally hold on to clothes that they used to wear because of a memory attached to them. Or they hold on to clothes because they reflect a size they want to be again. I firmly believe that your wardrobe should reflect you NOW. When we find what works for your body, your lifestyle, your job, your life NOW, you aren't clinging to the past or waiting for the future. You are embracing who you are and that is the path to finding your true style.

JP: Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! I could not agree more with everything you just said. So, let’s dig into that a bit more. How do you think clothes impact our lives as women?

ES: I think clothes have a tremendous impact on women—even if we don’t want to admit it. How many times have you had a great day then you put on a pair of jeans and they feel tight? Or you go into a dressing room and your "normal" size doesn't fit? Or how much money have you spent on an outfit you don't really like but you wear it to fit in with the moms at school, or you want to look "on trend"? While we shouldn't let the size of our jeans or finding the perfect outfit have so much control over our mood, we can't deny that when we have on an outfit that fits our body, is comfortable, or makes us feel powerful, we can take on the day-whatever that looks like for you. When you know your unique style, you can get dressed without all the other drama getting in the way. If you know that when you open your closet you LOVE everything inside and it ALL fits, you can move on and focus on your family, your career, your relationships--the REALLY important stuff!

JP: This is why I’m doing a Simplify September Capsule Wardrobe. Less time worrying about clothes. More time for other things. Speaking of September and clothes. What are your top five fall trends?

ES: Only five? Ok. I can do this…

1.) A great fitting pair of dark or black denim. While I still love a distressed jean, this Fall a clean pair of dark or black denim will take you from the soccer game, to work, to date night.

2.) A (faux) leather jacket. I also love the look of a moto jacket for fall. It can be dressed up or down. 

3.) A blazer. Menswear inspired blazers are big this fall! Herringbone, tweed and plaid are all great choices. Keep the color neutral and the fit slightly oversized. 

4.) A black boot. Something like the classic Chelsea boot will go with jeans, dresses and skirts; and you can find a version of it to fit your budget almost anywhere!

5.) Prints! I would choose a button down shirt in one of the following: plaid, animal print or floral. All 3 prints are big and can be worn in countless ways. Choose your favorite and rock it with all of the above. Or pop a print in a dress, shoe or jacket. 

JP: What are your top five wardrobe staples?

ES: This is easy! 

  1. 1. Denim Jacket. It will always be the number one item on my list
  2. 2. Black Dress  
  3. 3. Chambray Shirt
  4. 4. Three pairs of jeans (I know I'm kind of cheating here!) A distressed boyfriend jean, a clean darker denim, and a lighter wash. 
  5. 5. Basic tanks and tees in White, grey, black and a stripe. 

If you have all of the above, you can build SO MANY outfits! 

JP: Well, I gotta say I’m breathing a sigh of relief. I have everything you recommended in my closet, which is good since I’m not buying any new clothes, shoes or accessories until next May. Let’s shift gears again. Two more questions, both a bit more serious. You have daughters. What do you hope they know and understand about clothes and their bodies and how are you trying to model that through your work? 

ES: Whew! Girl this is THE question right here. Well first I want them to love and accept their bodies, and I know the best way to do this is to model this behavior for them.  I still struggle with this some days. It is a journey and I'm still on it! I focus on what their bodies can DO not what they look like. I also let them pick out their own outfits! They know what they like and I love watching them express themselves with their clothes. 90% of the time its not an outfit I would choose for them. My oldest literally throws on whatever is clean, and my five year old would wear a tutu and sequins every single day! But if they feel great, that is what matters! We'll see if I'm still feeling this way when they are teenagers!

JP: Last question. I’m asking everyone I interview this one. At the end of your life, what type of legacy do you hope to leave?

ES: I hope they say that I made them laugh and that I had the best shoes! Ha! No, but really, I want the people I work with and the people I love to know that I believe in them. I want them to feel as though I inspired them to embrace who they are. It took me so long--WAY too long--to do that for myself. So I want to give women permission to embrace who they truly are, and help them find a way to express who that is through their clothes. I want my family and friends to know that I love them FIERCELY and that its never to late to find your inner badass! She's in there!

JP: So where can people find you and get in touch? 

ES: I'm on Instagram at . They can also email me at stylethieffashion at gmail dot com.

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