Intentional Relationships: 30 Ideas for Quality Time Together This Month

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It's the first day of June! That means, it's time for a new theme for the next thirty days on This Is Thirty Four. Last month, I mentioned four areas of our lives that often throw us into chaos and keep us from living as intentionally as we'd like to. One of those areas of life was RELATIONSHIPS. This month on the blog, we'll be talking about different types of relationships and how to make them more meaningful. First up? Marriage and long term relationships...

Do you know what I love most about this photo? (Other than my glorious pre-pregnancy hair and bangs!!!) I love how happy we are in this photo. I remember taking it, and we were legitimately laughing and thrilled to be spending time with one another. 

Newly married.

No kids.

Having fun at corn maze with friends on the weekend. 

We were in the glory days of our relationship, when it was easy to spend time--QUALITY TIME--together.

When people ask how I have time to work on my blog, I always say: “I don’t HAVE time. I MAKE time.” That’s true. I get up an hour earlier. I stay up later, and I rarely watch TV. (Except The Bachelorette…because I’m not a masochist.) My evenings are devoted to lesson prep for teaching or working on This is Thirty Four related projects; and to be honest, time with my husband (whose name is Russ, if you're new here) often gets put on the back burner.

One of the things I value most about my relationship with my Russ is our communication. We do periodic marriage check-ins, where we talk about what's going well in our relationship and what needs to be improved.  Last night, we “checked in” while I did a Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred (because “making time” also means multi-tasking). We decided to be more intentional about spending quality time—even just 15 minutes—together every day. I suggested creating a calendar of activities to do together for the month of June.

To my delight, Russ immediately jumped on board with the idea and got out a piece of paper to write down 30 ideas for quality time together in June.

Since I was all hepped up on endorphins from Jillian Michaels , I started to get REALLY excited. I said (squealed?): “Why don’t we create a 30-day quality time calendar that I can put up on my blog and share with everyone?”

Again, Russ agreed!

So, here it is: Our thirty-day quality time calendar. Thirty days worth of suggestions for things you and your significant other can do to connect in fun ways in June. These aren’t just my girly notions of how I’d like to connect with my husband. Many of these ideas are from a man. My man. (Do you really think I’d suggest DRAWING something together? Have you seen my Pinterest fail posts?)

That’s actually what I love most about the calendar, though. The activities are a co-creation of what BOTH of us think would be fun to do together.

In order to TRULY connect with someone, you need to meet them where they are at just as much, if not more, than they meet you. 

Now, I can already hear your objections:

“But we don’t have time to do something every night.”

Remember, you don’t HAVE time, you MAKE time.

“Some of these things take preparation and planning or require a babysitter.”

Yes, they do. Investing in any relationship takes time and planning and sometimes money too.  That’s why it’s called an investment.

“Some of these ideas are just plain stupid and I don’t want to do them.”

Totally fine. You don’t have to like all of the activities on this calendar. You don’t have to DO all of the activities on the calendar. The point of the 30-day quality time calendar is to get you to BE INTENTIONAL in your relationship with your significant other.

Don’t like one of the ideas? Write your own idea over it.

Can’t do all 30 activities? Choose the ones you like most and do those...on whatever day you want!

This calendar shouldn’t stress you out or add one more thing to your to-do list. The 30-day quality time calendar should encourage you to consistently connect with your significant other in ways that are important to you and to them. That’s all. It’s really that simple.

Russ and I will be doing the activities each day, and I’ll be updating you all on our “progress” via social media.

Whether you’re newly married, in the middle of married life or about to enter your golden years together, I hope you’ll find some inspiration from these 30 days.  If you’re not married yet, this calendar (minus the “having sex” part) will totally work for you too!

I’d love for you to share the things you do to stay connected to your significant other in the comments below! AND, I'd love suggestions on how to use Canva or other graphic design websites. Cause I was up til 1:00 AM trying to make a pretty calendar graphic and came up with this...#graphicdesignstrugglebus.

(Sidenote: If you have the Pinterest bar installed on your web browser, you should be able to save the calendar image to Pinterest...I really am going to try to make it prettier this weekend. I'm also hoping to get a cute, printable postcard up too!)

Let’s make the second half of 2018 the best six months our relationships have ever seen!

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